See you in Vancouver!!

Yup. I’ll be joining forces with my old friend Mark as we co-keynote at Northern Voice 2013!


(Isn’t that the cutest social-media-conference-canadian-animal-mascot ever?)

I’ve been wanting to go to Northern Voice ever since I heard of it. People who’ve attended both tell me the NV and PAB vibes are very similar, and knowing some of the organizers behind NV, I can’t see not enjoying this event. With this year being the first PAB-less year since 2006, I jumped at a chance to go, it’d been far too long since I’d been to Vancouver!

Mark and I will co-present about some key learning around 7 years of PAB in a session called “Social-nuclear dynamics and creativity”.  I won’t give more infomation about it here (yet), but strongly suggest you check out the Northern Voice site for more information, and even better, to register!!

I can’t wait for this great event, and for a chance for the Mark & Bob team to fly once again  — See you in Vancouver!




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