Catching up

OK – so I’ve spent most of the week offline, and it’s made me late in giving a couple of thank-you’s to awesome people …

First , Julien Smith published his list of Podcasting’s 10 most under rated people, which for some reason included me. I must say what a charge it was to see myself surrounded by people I respect as both podcasters and as people. If this is what being underrated is, I’m in great company! Thanks Jules! He’s challenged me to make my own list, and I’ve realized that needs some serious thought.. I’ll take the challenge though, watch for it here soon. And if for some strange reason you haven’t checked out Julien’s show recently, do yourself a favour..

Secondly, CC Chapman gives a nod to the return of the Bob and AJ Show by playing a 2 year old promo I’d completely forgotten about on Accident Hash. Thanks CC! In the time it took for me to notice CC did that, he put out something like 14 more shows and celebrated Accident Hash’s 2 year anniversary. Happy 2nd CC, but you’ll forgive me if I say I still miss Reality Bitchslap radio 🙂

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  1. Looks like your little vacation was a good one from the pictures. I’ve always loved that promo and HAD to play it with the return of Bob & AJ!

    And since I know you miss the good old RBR days you should check out the show I did for PCH

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