Good start to the year

What’s been happening so far in 2007…

It’s been a blast to hang around with Nico, whose North American adventure takes him to New York next week. We’ve got him hooked on Tim Hortons, Alexander Keith’s and hockey, our work is almost complete.

This week I spent some time at an Apple store checking out a Macbook Pro. I’m still having pre-buyer’s remorse, as I have trouble spending that kind of dough on anything.. It’s the silly questions, like: Is this a NEED or a WANT?; glossy or not glossy screen?; does my family need to eat EVERY day? .. etc) So I’m there looking if they have any refurbs, as saving a few bucks would be nice. the salesman and I start talking and he says “You’re not seriously thinking of buying before Macworld , are you?”..

I walked away.. Hope he’s not paid on commission…

In other fun stuff, Canadian Podcast Buffet started up after our holiday break. Mark and I recorded episode 48 last night.. and the BIG news is..

The return of a podcast that’s almost (2 weeks?) as old as In Over Your Head..The Bob and AJ Show hiatus is over. We start recording this weekend.. That’s been something missing from my existance for too long now. I’m so looking forward to sharing a drink with AJ and getting this going again.. I’m still amazed at how many people are hitting that feed in hopes of getting new content. Their patience is appreciated and about to be rewarded..

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  1. Bill Deys says:

    Can’t wait to hear the next show! It’s been way to long!

  2. C.C. Chapman says:


    I was having a pretty damn good day, but this totally made it!

    Bob & AJ back in the saddle again and it’s hockey season. Hell yeah!!!

    Bring it on and get it out soon because now you have me waiting!

  3. I can’t wait for some new Bob and AJ! As for the Macbook, Next week is MacWorld and there may be some speed bumps or other upgrades to the MBP. It is definitely worth waiting until at least Tuesday. If there are new upgrades, you may be able to get the current models at a slightly lower price. At the very least you should see a drop in porce on the refurbs. Definitely consider a refurb, my wife got a refurbed MacBook last August and it’s been great.

  4. Nico says:

    Don’t forget about Sleeman. Been having that one too!

    Macworld is only 2 days away. I doubt the salesman knows about anything big they may anounce, but probably he does know there *is* something big.

  5. Mark says:

    It was amazing how rusty we seemed to be when we hit the record button for 48. It’s great to be back in production… I didn’t realize how much I missed our weekly collaboration.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the return of Bob and AJ!!!

  6. Cat says:

    I can (officially) say that the show has been recorded… AJ was at our house… now you all just have to wait for Bob to do that producing stuff…. should be out reallllll soon.


  7. Iza says:

    Hey Bob!


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