Five questions

I finally got blog-tagged! Chris Brogan took a question from Jeff Pulver, made it into a blog-tag, and sent along these 5 questions:

Most Useful application
Audacity : The most bang for the buck I’ve ever had from software and it’s free!

Best Web site

– That’s a tough one, I tend to agree with Chris’ pick (google reader) but I’d put a strong vote for youtube..

Worst Web site
– Any site on myspace or with a flash intro (doesn’t matter if you can skip it or not)

Hottest Trend

– People giving me money for no apparent reason

Favorite Gadget
– GPS (though I don’t own one yet)

How about you? Answer your five on your blog and trackback to here… let’s see what turns your crank…

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  1. Great list, Bob. Audacity rocks. I agree with you.

    As for giving you money for no reason, good luck with that trend! : )

  2. 1.Garageband new audio technica earbuds…

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