The curse of the picky listener

Recently I flew from Montreal to South Carolina for work. I had the iPod (with it’s newly updated firmware that fixed the mono file bug) loaded with new podcasts, and new episodes of podcasts I try to listen to regularly.

Perhaps it was the the fact that I left the house at 3:30am to make my flight, perhaps it’s because I was tired, whatever – I was unable to sit through most of the episodes I had downloaded..

Was it the content?
No – the fact that these shows are on my iPod means the content interests me.

Was it the length?
No – I was a prisoner sitting in coach with my knees against my chest (ok , not really) so I had plenty of time..

Was it the sound quality?
You’re a freaking genuis. Yes, that absolutely was it.

Cat often points out that as a musician, I have a hard time simply enjoying live shows for what they are as often I’m busy dissecting what’s going on on stage.. (What parts are sequenced or pre-recorded?, which band member doesn’t know their part? why can’t I hear the rhythm guitar? I’m sure I hear a pitch-corrector on the vocal..etc..)

Perhaps I’m also picky in the same way in listening to podcasts.. I guess I’ve gone past the point of being able to listen to bad audio just because it’s in podcast form. When podcasting was new, someone could recorded a distorted fart into a $2 radio shack microphone, and it was cool because it was a podcast. Now, 2 years later, that doesn’t hold up as well to me.

Now we all start somewhere, and I would never pick on someone who’s just starting out (though I would offer advice).. But some of the shows I skipped through have been producing for a long time now.

My ramble comes down to this: If you’re going to put out questionable audio, please make sure at least the content is engaging. As the medium gets older, the audience will expect better.

(Oh, and if you read this and think I’m talking about YOU, I’m not)

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  1. Nico says:

    Fine, i’ll take the bucket out of my head…

  2. Bruce Murray says:

    Damn! I knew I should have gotten the muffler fixed before doing that drive-cast! Doh!

    If only I had a Behringer VX2496 pre-amp/processor ;^)

    Seriously, it takes a lot for me to turn off a podcast because of imperfect audio quality if the content is compelling. If it continues over a long period, I might find another source for the content or pick and choose the episodes.

    – Bruce

    PS: I’ll try harder next time

  3. Isabelle says:

    Oh non…et maintenant on utilises seulement le i-river et la qualité du son est affreuse…Je suis désolée Bob! J’espère que tu pourras t’habituer. On va essayer d’améliorer notre qualité de son…mais…je peux pas promettre des miracles. Bye, à plus!

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