The most-used app on my iPad

I’ve always looked at my iPad as more of a media consumption device than a creation tool. Sure in a pinch I’ll hammer out something in GarageBand or Ideas, but my creative pursuits still happen away from the iPad.

So, really, it’s used as an ereader/email/reddit client, with its most frequent use I didn’t expect – radio.

It seems like every media outlet wants you to install their app  (to see their ads, I guess).. Having an app for each stream is idiotic to me, it’s like having to use a new browser for every site..

I like having one app to listen to all the streams :


Tunein seems to do the job really well. Plays all the streams, and even lets you record which is handy for those time in the airplanes when you’re just not feeling it for  “Air Canada presents Anne Murray” …

When I’m working, it’s streaming pretty much all day.. To the point where I don’t fire up iTunes much anymore..




Current favourite streams of mine include:

Classic Hits Auckland 94.7 (ok, I like the accents)
Lots of the streams
CBC streams
a few GotRadio Streams

You listening to any good streams lately?



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