Many people listening – Once

Interesting article from the BBC this morning discusses the fact that while the number people trying to listen to podcasts is going up, those numbers aren’t really turning into subscribers..

Other interesting fact:
– 15% of online men have downloaded a podcast, while only 8% of online women have dl’d.

See what they did there? they say “have downloaded a podcast” – not listened.. The article states that audience measurement is still a big challenge. We’re still where we were in 2004. Downloads do not equal listens. Admittedly, that’s all we have right now, and I’m not sure how we can get past this.

Then again, if you think about those Nielson boxes on top of TV sets, they tell Nielson that the TV is tuned to a particular channel – not that anyone is actually sitting on the couch with a box of Chocolate covered Altoids (!) watching the program..

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  1. Andrea says:

    Hey. Here’s a good place for your newspaper analogy. I, too, love to read the paper, but rarely have the time. Any time I’ve been conned into subscribing, I’ve ended up with a pile of unread papers in my black box and something not unlike that thrown across the room feeling that you described.

    Walking to the paper box and buying that paper, for me, is part of the paper-reading luxury and it makes me enjoy the paper (the coffee and the toast) that much more.

    I feel the same way about podcasts. When I have time to listen, I surf on over to the site, check out the show notes and comments — and listen.

    And you, the podcaster, can count on me to have not just downloaded but also *listened to* your podcast. Well… not you, Bob… I don’t listen to any of yours.


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