My three words

What a year. Went by in a blink didn’t it? I do hope it was good for you.

I have no personal complaints about 2011, other than it did seem to go by faster than 2010 (which in turn went by faster than 2009, and so on…). I have a great life, loving family, and we’re all healthy and happy enough to meet 2012 head on. I’m not sure what else I could ask for, anything else would seem petty or selfish.

Work wise, it was another successful year for me. I was involved in some great projects with smart people and was able to recognize and also be recognized for great work. I look forward to the new projects 2012 will bring.

It was a year of changing friendships. New bonds were created, older ones strained, and a few lost completely to death at an unreasonably young age. For the new year, I hope to build on the new bonds, repair the strained ones, and never forget the ones I’ve lost.

There’s a “3 word meme” going around again this year. I believe one is supposed to pick three words that will define 2012 for you, blog about it, and then somehow account for meeting or not meeting those goals later on. I first noticed it last year, and brushed it off as more social media crap. I’ll participate this time though and share my three words with you. I’m not the first to use them, but 2011 was a good reminder of my priorities. I hope I can stay true to my goals for 2012:

Live, Love, Laugh.

I won’t post an update as to how I did, if you know me, you’ll know. If you don’t know me, it doesn’t matter, does it?

I wish these three things to you for 2012, don’t lose sight of the important stuff.

see you in 2012!

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