Les Têtes à claques

Willi Waller 2006

Mes amis, vous devez regarder ca sans faute!

Les Tetes a Claques is a Quebec internet phenomenon. Think of it as a french canadian Strongbad (except funny – ouch!)..

Even if you speak/understand french, you probably won’t understand why your Quebecois friends have tears streaming down their faces from laughing so hard.

Picture is of my favourite…

edited Jan 31-2007 – new picture link

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  1. Bruce Murray says:

    Hey Bob, thanks for the tip. It is the kind of great “new product” info that we appreciate from BobGoyetche.com

    I took advantage of the Willi Waller offer, et Voila! all of my Christmas shopping taken care of at once.

    – that was hilarious, and pretty understandable even for a H’inglesh like me. Some of the other clips… not so much, but they made me want to learn more French.

    – Bruce (translation: Bruce)

  2. Kim says:

    Love the sketches, but what exactly does “Têtes à claques” mean?

  3. Guillaume says:

    well, a “claque” is a slap, and “tête” means head, understood in this context as deserving of the aforementioned slap. Basically, if you can’t stand someone’s face, this person qualifies as a tête à claque.
    Willy Waller is hilarious, but the Halloween one is my personal fave though

  4. Bob says:

    “C’est bon des Pop-Tarts” .. eh, Guillaume?

    That one’s classic too.

    He’s got 30second spots on the site now.. A bummer for the viewer, but nice to see him cash in on his work..

  5. lee says:

    question: i dont understand what the guy tells the children in “halloween” before they tell him that if he touches them then he will be on the cover of the journal de montreal the next day. Does anyone know??

  6. Gary says:

    Hi Lee,

    He says, “veux-tu m’te donner un bon p’tit coup de pied dans l’cul a place, la?” (How’d y’like a little kick in the ass instead?)

    I love T-a-C so much I wanted to put up some transcripts and translations, but I’d need some help…


  7. steph says:

    Hey all,
    I just discovered TaC three days ago, and I have to say that it is absolutely hilarious!! I’m french, and I just looove the accent 🙂 so nice, although it is so strong sometimes I don’t even understand what they’re saying. My personnal faves are The secretary, Halloween, and the willy waller…
    Can try to help with translations Gary.

  8. Pete says:

    I am from the Ottawa/Hull area, where french is realy “joual” and there is stuff in TaC that I don’t get.
    Specialy in “Les ti papoutes”.

  9. Mat Qc says:

    Hehehe these guys are pretty cool im currently in exchange in K-W area Ont and a was so surprised when a English Canadian told me : Did you hear about TAC ? hehehe it is funny that our country can share funny stuff like the Wally Waller where they can make humoristic stuff with english and french language !!! Pardon my english im trying to learn!! hehe

  10. Virginie says:

    For “Les ti-papoutes”. The father speak to the childrens in baby language, that’s why it’s difficult to understand sometimes…

    If you need translation, we are there…

  11. Nick says:

    T a C is just great stuff, they have me in tears and my 5 yr old knows some schetches by hart. The best ones for me are the 2 with the airplane pilots for Flight DC132 and the going out ones with Raul are hillarious.

  12. Superstaaar says:

    TAC is hilarious!! I am english learning french so it takes me a few times of listening to them to get most of what they say but it is so worth it. I would love it if there were some translations available for these to help me out! Halloween and Le pere noel are my favs for sure oh and Le camping.

    All I have to say is…

    Move your body… lol

  13. Peggy says:

    I have recently seen some TaC merchandise. A bag of Pop Tarts that says “C’est bon les PopTarts” and a potato peeler that says Willy Waller on it with a picture of the chef. I have no idea where they were purchased. Anybody have a clue. I love the Halloween the best as well as the Santa Clause. Those two little ones are my two favourite characters. I’m not completely bilingual so I listen to them all the time and learn more and more every time. What a hoot! They are better than TV! Love them.

  14. Ron says:

    You know when you laugh soo hard it hurts ? Well this REALLY hurts !

    Living in Quebec (as an anglaphone)is a unique experience and seeing this parody gives you a true appreciation for life here.
    Now a DVD is planned for Christmas 2007 and there’s work underway to make the clips available on iPods and cellphones. Hopefully some subtitles as well so everone can share the gut splitting.
    Halloween was my first, and still my favourite. We even started buying Poptarts again

  15. Robin says:

    These guys are hilarious. I am originally from Quebec and my brother told me about the TAC. He kills himself laughing everytime he talks about them. I told the VP at my school he should use them to teach the students french. I don’t understand nearly enough of what they say, but just watching them is a great past time. Keep it up. By the way where would we buy the pop tarts and the willy waller. There are some family birthdays coming up.
    Red Deer Alberta

  16. Martin says:


    The kids tell the man that they will call the “DPJ” (Directeur de le Protection de la Jeunesse) basically Child Protection Services.

    I love these shorts. I you want more you can look on youtube for interviews with the creator Michel Beaudet, in French though.

  17. Beverlyhills says:

    Hey guys! Nice to see english-speaking people blogging on that subject. I have an English blog that is 100 percent dedicated to Tetesaclaques. Started in Nov. 2006 and I am up to 4,000 viewers. If you want to leave a comment on my blog you are more than welcome.


  18. DVD des Têtes à claques says:

    i hate têtes à claques…

  19. Uncle Jethro says:

    Hi there,

    You could basically translate “Têtes à claques” with “Knuckleheads”. That’s not a literal translation, but it does convey the sense that these are low intelligence dunce-like cartoons worthy of a slap in the head.

  20. Cassandre says:

    Hey there! I’m from Quebec and I’m pretty surprise to see that some english people know Têtes à Claques and actualy enjoy them! Realy nice to see that poeple are interested in our humour! XD If someone need help for traduction or something, you can e-mail me at c4ss4ndre_24@hotmail.com aight?! Peace!

  21. Cassandre says:

    Doh!! I wrote ”traduction” instead of ”translation” in the last post…Hahaha! Sorry! But still I should be abble to help if someone needs it! 😛

  22. mora-tic says:

    Hi all…

    Love tetes a claques….
    only problem is i can only understand half of it…

    So it would be cool if anyone could post or send me the .srt files…or any other subtitle type…


  23. Matt says:

    My favorite online show!

    They have finally come out with it in english, but I’m sorry to say that it will ruin the show for you if you watch it in english. The actor doing the english voice in my opinion is just terrible. Make sure you only watch it in French.

    This is a FRENCH show, and FRENCH humor. Once translated, it looses all of its… je ne sais quoi.

    By the way, I’m english.

  24. Tracy Fuller says:

    Hilarious to find your post on this!

    Did you know that the CRTC is using TAC as a prime example of High Quality non-funded internet CanCon in their current hearings on New Media?

    Although they say, “the commission is not concerned with user-generate broadcasting content … [and they] do not seek to inquire into the content, quality or availability of material created by individual Canadians in a personal capacity,” they’re using TAC as (1) a reason why the CRTC shouldn’t have to fund CanCon internet producers and (2) an indication of Canada’s amazing internet content.

    Too bad the the 3 “individual Canadians” who created this “user-generate broadcasting content” aren’t allowed to speak on its behalf at the New Media hearings…

    PS: It was SO GREAT to meet you this weekend. I tried to catch-up with you guys at the Poutinerie after meeting my friend, but the store was closed. I hope you guys found a suitable substitute before embarking on your train trip home!


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