Dog Bone Riser – Circa 1990

Found this picture recently..

Yeah, we didn’t win any beauty contests.. But man, what a band this was. Too bad personalities got in the way.. But hey – that’s rock ‘n’ roll!

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  1. Darren King says:

    Hey Bob, Nice photo. Stumbled on to your blog thru the Bob and AJ show site. Any new shows on the way? I remember trying to mix this band’s show at Chico’s. Ah, the memories…Darren

  2. Bruce Murray says:

    I notice you have no tags listed. May I suggest “Mullet”?

    Here is a another “early band” shot of JD Fortune (INXS) from his days in Pictou County. I love the fact that they have their instruments and Rock Star poses…and they are standing out in the snow.

    (I play in a band with the guy on the left) – Bruce

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