It’s true. I’m no longer pure.

Last night Sage Tyrtle had Mark Blevis,Bruce Murray and myself on Quirky Nomad’s Quirky Quiz. It was just about the most fun I’ve had on Skype in ages. If you’re not familiar with the format, listen to a few to get an idea for it. It’s a hoot.

My hat goes off to Sage for the motivation to turn over 2 hours of nonsense audio into entertainment. I look forward to hearing the final product. And let me say that if I said anything unkind or unflattering, it’s Bruce’s fault.

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  1. Bruce Murray says:

    Hey Bob, it was great fun quizing with you last night… and extremely Quirky…especially the part about the flaming toddlers in the dishwasher!?!

    Oh, and I looked up the definition of “Morass” in Websters and it said “…what you get if you eat too much cheesecake.”

    Cheers, – Bruce

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