Powered by Passion

Check out the comments on my “Is it really all about money” post. Andrea from Just one more Book has come up with a wonderful idea..

If clicking on that link is too much right now, here’s the nugget in her comment:

“..if we were to come up with a “Powered By Passion” icon, would those of us whose podcasts are purely for non-monetary gain be interested in adding the graphic to our sites to help differentiate such sites…”

Holy crap. A lightening bolt just happened, and it’s on my blog. How cool is that?

Mark has jumped on this too, and is preparing a website, vision statement, all kinds of things. You can keep an eye on that, and I’ll also keep you posted here..

Mark (the verb, not the guy) my words, this is a defining moment.. How thrilled I am to witness this!

Thanks Andrea!!

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey Bob!

    Andrea and I posted a Podcast in which we discuss the origins of the “Powered by Passion” idea, our thoughts on how the community will be defined and a concept for the website.


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