iPod firmware flaw


I knew it wasn’t just me.. I’ve been following the threads on the Apple discussion boards, and people are having problems with podcasts and mono files. I discovered the problem went away when the EQ is turned off…

Here’s a document from Apple validating my findings. They don’t mention me specifically, but we all know they thank me for finding the error… Umm… yeah.

It’s all well and good to publicly admit the problem, woohoo.. There is, however, an important piece missing from this document: An expected correction date. Even a token insincere “We’re working on fixing our problem..” statement would have been nice.. Right now, we don’t even know if they want to fix it.

It’s like they almost get it, but don’t.

In the meantime, if you’re a podcaster, and you put out MONO audio, a bunch of your listeners may not hear you…

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