PAB2011 afterglow

Wow!  that weekend went by in a heartbeat – literally.

PAB2011 Family shot

We’ve just closed out our 6th PAB, and while every one of them was great, this year’s really found a way to bring something different to the table.

The theme was “Your story deserves to be told. Well.” And to be honest, even after having seen the submissions and selected (with Mark of course) who would make up this year’s program, I expected to see more than a few “How to tell stories” sessions. In fact, I was somewhat worried about it.

I didn’t need to worry. While some did touch on the How-to’s lightly, what everyone did (which now seems obvious) was tell a story, well.  There is no greater motivator than seeing someone doing something well. Think about it, would someone telling you that you need 1000’s of hours of practice to play an instrument motivate you to do it? Of course not, but seeing someone play well, or seeing the effect of that playing on an audience or on you would motivate you.

PAB-people tend to be a very interesting crowd. There’s no one there waiting to be spoon-fed twitter-sized nuggets of knowledge. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They enjoy the craft, and the process behind creativity as much if not more than the final product. There was no need to dumb this down, and both audience and speakers got that.

Once again this year, PAB-newbies blended in well, and the tribe comes out stronger again this year. Faces from PABs-past returned, and it felt like they were never gone. At one point on the boat cruise, I mentioned, “If I needed to start a big company very quickly, and needed to hire a big bunch people I trust implicitly. I’d just hire PAB.”

I wish I could say Mark and I set out to create exactly this event and feel 6 years ago, but no one could be that brilliant. We’ve worked hard, but we’re the luckiest conference organizers ever.

The next few blog posts will look at some other thoughts that came to me as a result of PAB2011 – keep reading..

Thanks once again, to everyone who brightened my weekend at PAB2011 – I come away re-energized, ready to create, and with a few less boundaries than when I came in.


See you in June 2012!

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  1. Andrea Ross says:

    My sentiments exactly, Bob. This year’s show-don’t-tell sessions went right to the core. Encouraging each of us to stretch, to appreciate, to share, to enjoy and to remember that we already have what we need if we just make the time to use it. Thanks for another great weekend.

  2. I LOVED this year’s conference….LOVED IT…LOVED IT. For me, PAB2011 made significant elements that have always been at the core (as Andrea mentioned) of the PAB community. This PAB brought pushed us to think about who we are as individuals, as a group and what we have to bring to the table. Thank you Andrea, Mark and Bob!!!!

  3. Scarborough Dude says:

    I always come back invigorated after every PAB, and cherish the mental images I carry of friends faces & laughter. But this year seemed to take things to an even higher level, as if by magic. I can’t the words I need to describe this year’s PAB, so will settle for the oft repeated ‘PAB was Fab!’ Thank you.

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  1. […] Bob’s post: PAB2011 afterglow […]

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