PAB2011 – #6, if you’re counting

Hey!  Quiet around here recently, eh? Guess I’m breaking the “blogging rule” of not keeping to a schedule. F*** schedules, I speak when I’ve something to say 🙂

The room, by Bob Goyetche.


In just about 10 days, we’ll be holding the 6th edition of PAB, originally a podcasting conference, it really found its groove when we focused on digital content creation and audience engagement. Once again this year, no one will tell you how/what to tweet, how to get fans to your facebook pages, or the oh-so-secret sauce that SEO experts love to dip your wallet into.

Really, it would have been easy to go that route a few years ago. Easy, if we didn’t mind breaking the understanding we have with our community. There’s a mutual trust between not only Mark and I, but us and the PAB community. Things like: We don’t shill product. We don’t tell you how you’ll make money. These are things we do as part of creating an event we want to attend, and luckily enough people feel the way we do to keep an event like this self sufficient.

For the second year in a row, PAB happens at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. After 6 PABs, multiple podcamps, creatorcamps and other events I’ve been involved in, I can tell you that having an event partner like the NAC is like a gift from the universe. Not only does the NAC “get” what we do, but they also “get” what they do, and leave us time to run the event. My enthusiasm for PAB returned last year, and I think the Ottawa move and the NAC involvement are the 2 biggest factors.

So what’s this year’s event going to be like. Well, the theme this year is “Your story deserves to be told. Well“. While we thought we knew what we meant when we came up with it, the speakers this year (listed below) took it in directions we never intended or predicted. I’m SO looking forward to where they’ll take us!

You can see what’s up at the PAB site, or even register as there are a few spots left.

Here’s a quick look at the sessions, for your information, and also because I love this lineup!

You need to come to this event!


PAB2011 JOLTS (5-minute lightning talks)


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