it’s here

Yep. The ipod’s here. Can’t tell it’s a refurb – it looks brand-spanking new.

First impressions :

– Brown box instead of a white box. Guess I didn’t pay enough for the whole “Apple Experience”.. That’s ok, I’ll put the $$ I saved to good use.

– I had already installed iTunes 7 and copied my tunes to it. When I plugged the ipod in, it asked me to update it, and starting syncing right away. Nice.

– It also asked me to register the ipod. The registration screen then tells me my postal code is INVALID and refuses to proceed.. HEY! APPLE!! I live here!! I know my freaking postal code. Validation taken to extreme, can’t get past it. Registration ended. I’m going to open a support call for this? Ummm. no.

Still happy it got here in time for my weekly train ride tomorrow.. Let’s see what else this “experience” is..

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  1. Ennev says:

    Will you also use itune as your podcatcher ?

  2. Bob says:

    Yes – I’ve transferred my subscriptions to iTunes 7 – so far, so good.

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