Chicago did it! You can too!


The crowd, originally uploaded by heresmare.

The image above is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while. Sure, it’s no juggling cat, but it still put a HUGE smile on my face.

CreatorCamp Chicago was held this past weekend, and though I couldn’t be there, I’m so proud of Mare and Neil for putting on a successful (and apparently to be repeated) event. It’s great to see the line-up, the venue and the positive reviews online – By all accounts a job well done!

Even though CreatorCamp is not as complicated to host as a “normal” conference, there are times of stress when organizing something like this. I’m sure there were “tear your hair out” moments for both my friends here, but I’m also sure there’s a great sense of satisfaction at what they’ve accomplished.

I look forward to hearing the “lessons learned” from this, hopefully there are things we can add to the wiki that will help the next people to host a CreatorCamp.

Who are the next CreatorCamp hosts? Why couldn’t it be you?

Congrats Neil & Mare!! We’ll raise a glass to CreatorCamp Chicago at PAB2011.

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