Corporate podcast mistakes

Tony Valle over at Small Business Radio Interesting article on the Top 5 corporate podcast mistakes ..

A good read for anyone involved in pitching or developing a corporate podcast. At last check the list was up to 8 (via comments) , and they’re all gold..

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  1. Dan says:

    Nice tips. It’s too bad the author had to stoop to using unflattering stereotypes to make his point. Bob, aren’t you a techie (“Computer Nerd”) who also knows about broadcasting and marketing?

  2. Bob says:

    Yes Dan, I do have a technical background.. I should go over there and kick this guy’s ass!..

    I agree, he could have made his point another way.. Strange how I’m immune to it and went right over that without really reacting to it.. Funny how he didn’t say the marketing person was drunk or something like that..

    In the end though, even with the unfortunate stereotyping, there’s useful information in that post..

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