podcasting – a community more than a technology

A lot of huffing and puffing about Apple’s decision to go after Podcast Ready about using the word podcast. Everyone knows Apple didn’t invent the word, and it’s too late for them to seriously have a hope of owning it now..

Those of you who know me know I HATE THAT WORD! Always have, always will, adopted or not, proprietary or not.

I can hear you now. “But Bob…blah blah blah..too late to change it ..blah blah blah. we’ve  been using it since 2004… blah blah blah…14% of gophers dug out of golf courses recognize the word at gunpoint.. blah blah blah…I hate the word – period.

The word doesn’t describe what we do. The video people have it right. Vidcast is more appriopriate, they send out VIDs.. We don’t send out PODs!
There are two things I think the community needs to do :

– Ignore Apple – we got this far without them

– find a new word for what we do. Leo Laporte’s “netcasting” doesn’t work for me, we’re not throwing NETs out there..

Audiocast, soundcast, mp3cast, whatever… Just remember that PODcast inadvertantly puts money in the pockets of those that would attack you for saying that very word.

This is a word people want to defend? Defend the wonderful spirit of the community, not the word.

The people at Podcast Ready must be enjoying the free publicity though, you can’t buy this kind of exposure.. Maybe I’ll start saying mostlytunes got served with a cease & desist….

Would that be wrong?

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  1. While I’ve not time for techophobes or technology illiterates, I’m getting tired of having to explain, “no, you don’t need an iPod”…
    Agreed, the name should go, even though I’m an Apple zealot.

    Oh wait, you don’t need an iPod, do you?

  2. […] A good friend of mine,Bob Goyetche pretty much already wrote what I was thinking….I too am not a fan of the term podcasting. […]

  3. Mark says:

    I would love to lose the word Podcasting. Having said that, a brand has been built. It’s unfortunate that Apple has designs on hijacking that brand all to itself. Which means that you’re right – we should be pushing Apple down the gangplank, thank you very much!

    True, we’re not casting Pods. Of course, radio is not casting broads (at least, not the last time I checked).

    I’m good with “narrowcasting” particularly since most Podcasts either appeal to a niche, or have (with all due respect) a small audience. Soundcasting works, and netcasting is a decent option.

    Time to hit the drafting table.

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  1. […] A good friend of mine,Bob Goyetche pretty much already wrote what I was thinking….I too am not a fan of the term podcasting. […]

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