PAB2011 – Here we go!

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The new site is live, registrations are opened, and Mark and Bob are feverishly working at putting the sessions list together.

It took a bit longer than expected, something about some (way too frequent) political event happening in Canada, and the fact that one of the organizers is a digital public affairs analyst/strategist. The good news though is that PAB has earned the confidence of attendees and speakers for 6 years now, and PAB2011 will continue in the grand tradition of PAB.

We expect to announce the sessions list over the next week or so.

We still have some sponsorship opportunities available, if you’d like to participate and show your support for PAB2011, please contact Bob & Mark at .

The updates will now start appearing on the PAB site rather regularly, so drop in often, subscribe to the RSS if you do that sort of thing, or even sign up to get updates by email. If you want to hear the thoughts/discussions and announcements about PAB, you can also listen to Canadian Podcast Buffet, which just happens to be the official podcast of PAB.



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