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Chicago did it! You can too!

  The crowd, originally uploaded by heresmare. The image above is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while. Sure, it’s no juggling cat, but it still put a HUGE smile on my face. CreatorCamp Chicago was held this past weekend, and though I couldn’t be there, I’m so Read On..

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Head-slapping pig posts

In November 2006 I blogged about a then new internet video show based here in Quebec. It was new, fun and somewhat innovative for its time, and I was happy to tell my readers about it. Fast forward to today, almost 5 years later, and the name of that show Read On..

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Don’t tell me what to do

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a frighteningly high number of blogs out there have a single purpose. They tell you what to do. I don’t mind the occasional “How To” post, that can be helpful. So many blogs though, think they need to tell you how to live/love/work/laugh/drink Read On..

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Farewell Derek

Derek K Miller passed away yesterday after a long ordeal with colorectal cancer. His pain has finally stopped. My heart and thoughts go out to his wife, daughters and loved ones. I know all to well what it’s like to be one of the ones left behind after such an Read On..

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