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Mystery Bass *updated*

I’ve had this bass for years. It previously belonged to my brother in law. He was about to throw it out when I rescued it. I think it’s crime to toss instruments, and so I was happy to save it – plus you never know when a bass can come Read On..

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More than one you?

It was pointed out (rightly so) to me recently that although I have a pretty strong online presence, almost none of the content I produce here has to do with technical topics. It’s one of those things that I’ve struggled with, I know many readers here have ended up here Read On..

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We need camps for creators

I missed Podcamp Montreal. Actually, let me rephrase that, I missed seeing my friends at Podcamp Montreal. I didn’t miss Podcamp. After the 8 or so I’ve been to, I don’t think I’ll actually ever miss a Podcamp. It’s a wonderful event, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not for Read On..

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Social Media Cleanup: New seeds

< If I were paying attention to all the “How to Blog” posts, I’d surely have an obtuse picture here of some jerk planting seeds with a pitcher of water beside him. I’ll trust that you know what seeds look like, and that my metaphor works without the obtuse image Read On..

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New Canadian Podcasts

After taking the summer off from podcasting. I just spent some time adding all the new (almost 40!) listings to the directory. To be honest, sometimes it’s a chore, but when I see the amount of new shows coming from this country, I’m motivated all over again. Did you Read On..

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bitnorth: ~42 speakers, 1 event

This is how the speakers are lined up at bitnorth. We (well, our names) are all pinned to a board, and off we go. Everyone who attends bitnorth must present. That’s the “academic” part of the event. A quick look at 38 talks ranging in time from 5 to 20 Read On..

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