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Social Media Cleanup – facebook

Ever get one room of the house clean to the point where you want to keep going and do the other rooms? Me neither. I can imagine how it feels though. The results of my Twitter cleanup have been nothing short of spectacular. I can actually FEEL the reduction of Read On..

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HTPC – Home Theatre PC

Like many other people, my TV watching habits have changed over the years. I’ve never been a big TV watcher, often preferring books or reading online. I wanted   a way to make the watching process less painful. Remember when we’d actually wait for a particular time and date to watch Read On..

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Podcamp Montreal 2010

It was with canoefuls of sadness I realized I wouldn’t be able to participate in organizing or even attend Podcamp Montreal this year. I love the event, have nothing but respect for the people putting it together, and wish my schedule allowed for my participation. If you however are free Read On..

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Twitter cleanup update

Down to about 1500 following, that’s about 300 less than when I started. It’s absolutely like weeding a garden. Want to see something interesting? Take a look a who you’re following that’s not following you back. If the idea of the social media is to “Join the Conversation”, lots of Read On..

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Social Media Cleanup – Twitter

As I was putting together the “interesting people” posts (more to come by the way), I became impressed with the amount of clutter that’s become part of my online experience.  As much as I enjoy the connected life online, I have to admit that the noise outpaced the signal a Read On..

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the iPad a month later

iPad Case,  by Yutaka Tsutano. There are 87 bazillion iPad reviews. This makes it 87 bazillion-and-one. Earlier this summer, our good friend Whitney Hoffman dropped by to spend a night as part of a road trip. It’s always awesome to see Whit, and the conversations with her always entertain, enlighten Read On..

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