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Know who, and also why.

I was having dinner with my buddy Mark Blevis on sunday, and wouldn’t you know it, we ended up discussing social media. I know, it’s strange, and I’ll wait for your jaw to un-drop before I continue.. We were discussing connections, and not only who people want to connect to, Read On..

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The Milestone a few weeks later

So I’ve been using the Motorola Milestone that was sent to me a few weeks ago.. My impressions can be summed up in three words. BlackBerry for sale. Really, it’s that good. Now, you may care that this is the first Android phone I play with, so I don’t have Read On..

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The “Chris Brogan” effect

I posted something Chris liked. He tweeted it. I present to you the Chris Brogan effect on blog stats : This could be a blog post about getting the right people to talk about you or your blog. I could write a whole “holier-than-thou” post about how the right people Read On..

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Mark is Moonlighting

Recently, Mark and I have been having a crazy hard time trying to find time together to work on the Buffet and/or PAB.. I’ve been involved in a few big projects work-wise, and Mark’s had important projects to take care of as well. I thought we’d be able to get Read On..

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Playing with a Motorola Milestone

image of a box taken with the thing that was in the box I’m not what you’d call a “phone guy”. I don’t keep up with trends, it took me for ever to cave and get a Blackberry, I don’t text..etc. the mobile phone for me is a necessary evil, Read On..

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Back from the UK

There I am, crossing Abbey Road, and at the same time crossing off a to-do from what my friends have started to call my “bucket list”. It was a great trip, my first time in the UK, and as someone who grew up watching Monty Python and The Goodies on Read On..

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