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PodCamp Toronto 2010

Usually, a “soft launch” of a website involves few people finding out about it, and working out the kinks as awareness ramps up. It seems a social media soft launch is really about waiting three minutes until everyone finds out! The great people behind Podcamp Toronto soft-launched the 2010 website Read On..

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Whose rules are you following?

At bitnorth ’09, I told a story about our adventure in pirate radio in the early 90’s….Despite being unlicensed, and by extension not bound by CRTC (Canada’s FCC) rules, we found ourselves emulating commercial radio. We didn’t swear (on purpose anyway), we played station IDs at the top of the Read On..

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The Daily Shoot

(or “Bob, why are you lying down in the snowy driveway?” ) Why did I take a picture of my tire (or tyre, UK-friends)? It’s part of something called “The Daily Shoot“. A simple way to take more pictures… As with any skill, you (apparently) get better at photography the Read On..

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Direction, or lack thereof

As a new year begins, I find myself evaluating what it is I do online and with this blog. This is my namesake blog, the one where people who don’t know me come to find out what makes me tick or what I’m thinking.. Something I almost never do, is Read On..

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