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Ever eat in the dark?

Not just in a dimly-lit room, I mean COMPLETELY in the dark. No way to see where your food is, or even what it is. It’s quite the experience. Last Tuesday night, we were part of a group of Montreal bloggers/tweeters invited to a “tweet-up” as part of the launch Read On..

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I’m not in your community

Here’s a stunning revelation that will come as a shock to some marketers, but especially to self-declared social media experts : Just because I bought your product DOES NOT MEAN i’m part of your community. *I* (Joe Consumer) get to decide if I’m part of you community. If you assume Read On..

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Webkinz obscenities

Obscene name, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche. My son got a Webkinz stuffed animal for his birthday.. There’s a code you use to go to a website and join an online world with all kinds of games, and probably opportunities to spend mom & dad’s hard-earned money. Unless, of course, Read On..

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Update on the Macbook Pro Battery

thumbs up, originally uploaded by TheTruthAbout…. So a few weeks ago I told you about my “compatible” cheap-o Macbook Pro battery.. Here’s how it’s going.. Really well. After several cycles, I’m getting around 3 hours a charge, which seems to me is about what I was getting with the genuine Read On..

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How much does a wave cost?

They wave, fromĀ  Bob’s flickrstream. Leaving Montreal last week on business, I heard some passengers giggling and happened to look outside as we pulled away from the terminal. There was the Westjet ground crew, smiling and waving us on our way. Westjet people are known to be somewhat more smiley Read On..

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