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Podcamp’s Over, now what?

(..or the top 22 post-conference tips you’ll never digg,  you bastard.) There are a lot of people that will tell you that after a conference, the first things you need to do are arrange all the business cards, enter the contact information in whatever address book you use, follow them Read On..

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What Podcamp’s all about

IMG_5922, featurung Julien Smith, CC Chapman and  Bob Goyetche. Oh sure, there are Podcamp rules, guides, and I’m pretty sure there’s a book being written about it. To me, Podcamp is about friends. Not SEO, not making money on twitter. It’s about connecting with PEOPLE, enjoying each other’s company, and Read On..

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The doctors are in

Ambulance, originally uploaded by MPD01605. We’re only a few days away from Podcamp Montreal!!  What are you waiting for? Go. Register. Now. This year, I’ll be co-presenting with ‘Monsieur Quebec Balado’ Sylvain Grand’maison for a fun interactive and bilingual session we call ‘Dr. Balado’ or ‘Dr. Podcast’ Your podcast isn’t Read On..

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My new book!

It seems all my friends are publishing books now. It’s a great way to share knowledge and get additional cred all at the same time. Woo!, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche. Julien and Chris’ Trust Agents is enjoying a well-deserved run on the best-seller lists. Couldn’t happen to guys more Read On..

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Canadian podcast 100 club

Years ago, as part of the first Podcasters Across Borders conference, we initiated something called the “Century Club”, which was a nod towards podcasts that had reached the 100 episode milestone.  To accomplish 100 of anything is a milestone of perseverance and effort, and a testament to commitment to a Read On..

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14 wordpress updates, whew!

Are you running a WordPress blog not hosted at You’re running the latest version (2.8.4), right? No? There’s a nasty worm making its way through older wordpress installs, taking advantage of old security shortcomings to fill your site with spamlinks and other garbage.. It doesn’t just happen to “other” Read On..

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