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Photo hobby

So a good hobby means there are plenty of items purchased for which there is no reasonable need.. Of course, since I’ve added photography to my creative endeavours, I’ve come to realize that this new hobby means endless opportunities to spend cash… Today, a mint Pentax Super-Takumar 2.5/135 (m42) followed Read On..

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Goyetche Business College

A place for learning stuff, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche. My grandfather used to own a business college – a place where womem of the 1950’s could go and learn business skills of day.. In fact, my mom was a student there, and that’s how she met my dad – Read On..

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5 minutes to learn

 I saw a TV news report on Toronto National News the other night about a thunderstorm that affected all of Canada southern Ontario. When I was able to emotionally recover from the trauma of seeing footage of the poor people who were without power for several minutes, I also noticed Read On..

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Podcamp Montreal 2009!

PodCamp Montréal was such a blast last year, that when presented with the opportunity to have one again this year, the organizing team couldn’t contain their excitement:   committee-podcamp-montreal-5, Picture credit :Eva Blue. Putting aside their obvious facial ticks, the gang has added a few members, and are looking forward Read On..

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Can you ignore your dominant eye?

Left eye dominant, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche. Do you know which eye is your dominant eye? Apparently most people have one eye that does most of the heavy-lifting viewing-wise. Some people don’t have a dominant eye. The concept is properly called Ocular Dominance. How can you tell which is Read On..

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