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Podmtl 272

I think we’ve stopped numbering these, so 272 seems like as good a number as any. PodMtl 716 Wednesday February 18th, 7:30pm at A NEW LOCATION! BENELUX • Craft brewery 245 Sherbrooke West, Montreal +1 (514) 543-9750 ( and please spare a moment’s silence for the now-defunct Sergeant Recruiteur, home Read On..

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Your content is you

There are more and more of us creating all kinds of content online. In many cases, this content goes a long way to defining who we are online. If someone wants to know what we’re about, a look at our content can be quite helpful. What happens if that content Read On..

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Aren’t you more than just a twit?

Clean It Up, originally uploaded by coxy.  Google reader is my RSS reader of choice – other than email, it’s the web-app I use the most. A few days ago, I was subscribed to over 300 feeds, I don’t know if that’s high or not – but I realized that Read On..

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Yeah yeah, it’s dead- you told us…

I’ve had the pleasure of being around technology for a decent amount of time. I had the chance to explore the internet before the web (there’s more than the web you know).. and was fortunate enough to experience major technology shifts which I’ll go into when I need a “When Read On..

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