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Lessons in trust from Quiznos

Quiznos is pretty new to my area, so it’s still been somewhat of treat to head there. Not really knowing the menu, I look to the signs for guidance. The sign says, black angus sub on this kind of bread, and lists the prices. I order what’s in the picture Read On..

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It’s all about skills, baby!

thanks all for the great comments and emails on the previous post, let me expand on my thoughts a bit more… First off, I AM NOT AGAINST MONETIZATION OF PODCASTS. I am, however tired of the discussion, because it’s not relevant to building the SKILL of creating good content. If Read On..

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Let me save you some time

Just got in from Podcamp Ottawa, and it was a great day. Saw old friends, made new ones, and participated in great conversations. After having now attended or helped organize 8 or so podcamps, as well as several other podcasting events, I thought I’d use the spirit of sharing to Read On..

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Time to play some music?

 One of the things that first got me interested in podcasting was the ability to play music. Music’s always been a big part of my life, and I’ve always liked indie stuff anyway, so podcasting was a great way to join these things together.  I was involved in early discussions Read On..

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Time to sit on the floor again

Last year around this time, a bunch of us sat on the newly-recarpeted floor in the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and called it Podcamp Ottawa. It was a day filled with great conversations, great exchanges and none of the other trappings that conferences and unconferences have. Somehow, it also Read On..

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