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The Creepy Umpteenth Wave

Here’s some advice for businesses and people looking at twitter as part of the social media experience. Do I think twitter will help your business? Sure, why not? Will it help your “Make money now!” website get more hits? Maybe.. Do I care if it will? Actually, no. Sorry, I Read On..

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Combine PDFs

I like free. I especially like free when it solves a problem I have. I needed to scan a manual I have, and the only thing the software I had would produce that was useful was a series of JPG images, one for each page. I was sure I wasn’t Read On..

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When worlds collide, or are reassembled

¬†Since I really started building my “online presence” in 2004, I’ve been careful to build my identity quite separate from what I do as a career. Part of this probably comes from the fact that early on, I didn’t want the “day job” world to know about my online activities, Read On..

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The internet is becoming US-Only

The internet was going to be the great equalizer. ¬†Anyone can create content, and anyone anywhere can consume it!   Drone #1 – ARGH! How do we stop this? I know, let’s get people to use a tool with built-in gatekeeping and geographic blocks like DVDs.. Drone #2 – You Read On..

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