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Julien Smith – life coach

  flickr pic by Christopher S Penn One of the cool things we did at PAB this year was the addition of the JOLT! sessions.  No slides, just 5 minutes and a message. We convinced Julien Smith to do one, and and it packs a punch. Take 5 minutes or Read On..

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Let’s try 8tracks.. flickr pic by Michel Van Hoof Here’s my August mix , that link should work until the RIAA slams it down.. edit – you don’t know what’s coming on until it plays, which is cool. It seems to play only the first 2:00 or so of a Read On..

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6 things – the summer meme returns

Photo credit : Leo Reynolds I’ve been re-tagged! Dave REALLY wants to know 6 things about me. The first thing to know about me is that I’m all about reusing intellectual capital when possible (meaning = i’m lazy), so I’ll re-post part of my June 2007 post featuring 8 things, Read On..

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Almost 200!

Photo by flickr user abdallahh We’re almost at 200 registrants for Podcamp Montreal. woo! If you’re on the fence about going, this would be a good time to make up your mind and commit to coming – there is limited space, but we’ll do our best to squeeze everyone in.. Read On..

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Backups are important

I won’t go into details, but this whole site was gone for a while today because I forgot a “/” somewhere… Backups saved me. The proof is, you’re reading this. Aren’t you due to do a backup of your stuff? I thought so.

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How long until you’re hiding something?

I came across an interesting discussion recently. The content doesn’t matter, but there are a few things to think about .. Let me summarize the issue: – years ago, something happened – Someone blogged about it – People linked to that post – that blog is now gone. The reaction Read On..

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So many choices, so little time

Hey! I’m back online! Did ya miss me? I thought so.. Is it the “2008 Summer of F$%^&* rain”  where you are too? GEEZ! Anyway… let’s get the first few planning things out of the way … There are so many events I want to attend over the next while, Read On..

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