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Christa Couture

Photo by Nico On the thursday before PAB (when will I stop mentioning that?), Cat, Neil, Nico, AJ and I went to check out Christa Couture who was performing at a coffee shop in montreal. You may remember AJ and I have been singing her praises since we featured her Read On..

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Where am I going to find the ears?

Ok – I listen to a lot of different podcasts. I do reach a point though, where there is no human way I can catch up. In podcasts, just as blog reading, people feel a twinge of guilt when they “Mark all as read”. If you listen or read more Read On..

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hits and misses

    And so continues the “week after PAB”… Mark and I have received both separately and together, emails, voice mails, audio, video, blog posts telling us opinions about PAB and what was liked and disliked, loved or hated.  Thankfully, at this point, more people enjoyed the event than not, but Read On..

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grab your calendar

… and find where it says :  September 20 and September 21. If you have a french calendar like me, it will say  Septembre 20 et Septembre 21. on top of those two days, in very big block letters, write:  PODCAMP MONTREAL UQAM design Pavillion 1440 Sanguinet Street (Corner of Read On..

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It was PAB-errific!

 .. to quote Stevie Z.. Just got home a little while ago from Podcasters Across Borders. This was a great event, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. I’m fried, but it’s a good kind of tired – actually, it’s one of the best kinds of Read On..

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Pre-PAB dads

Photo by Mark Blevis So the weekend before our annual conference… instead of panicking over last minute details like wifi and food and stuff… Mark and I grabbed our kids and headed to the flooded lands of the Saint Lawrence seaway at Long Sault for a father’s day camping weekend. Read On..

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What’s a 100 among friends?

Way back before the beginning of time (Aug/Sept 2004).. I discovered podcasting. I was thrilled to see the promise this new distribution method had, and it hooked into my love of all things audio and radio. I remember calling by lifelong friend AJ and telling him about this new thing. Read On..

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Podcast interview audio from Live 88.5

[display_podcast] Some of you heard it stream online, but in case you missed it, here’s the audio from my interview on Live 88.5 fm earlier today. it clocks in at about 8 minutes on the clock, and about 2 db dynamic range on the compressor.. gotta love FM radio 🙂

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on live 88.5 wednesday morning

… it seems.. around 8:30am…on live 88.5 I sure hope they edit out all that stuff I said about how much I hate social media.

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on live 88.5 this morning

If I got my schedule right, I’ll be on the radio this morning. I’ll be interviewed on Live 88.5 this morning (june 3rd) around 8:45 9:45 EDT. I’ll be discussing how you can become independently wealthy by podcasting with a few well placed ads. No, actually, I think we’ll be Read On..

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