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Late for a meme, again..

Mitch Joel tagged me in the “5 podcasts that will make you fall in love with podcasting” thing.. It was a way to celebrate Hugh’s new site earIdeas, which seems to be a sort of recommendation site for podcasts.. To be honest, my workload made it so that I slid Read On..

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Want to do work in Radio?

You do? Do you live near Stouffeville Ontario? Want to be part of a neat project I would participate in if I lived there? Still reading? Jim is super busy getting the launch of WhiStle Radio, CIWS 102.7 FM ready for March 2008, and he’s got a few volunteer positions Read On..

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Mister Splashy Pants

Some people were taken aback by my “unsubscribe” post, as it was as political as I’ve ever been on this blog. Fact is, when it really comes down to it, politics is not my game, and there are plenty of smart political blogs if you really want to see them, Read On..

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