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Happy blog-day

Hey! It’s blog day! Now if you’re reading this blog, chances are we have the “usual suspects” in common anyway, so let’s highlight blogs you might not know about, but that I regularly enjoy… Coolopolis – Great stories and pictures from Montreal history – Ususally presented with a bit of Read On..

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Personal DNA

I did this quiz a while back, and seeing CC Chapman doing the test again prompted me to try again.. There are all kinds of tests like these on the web (Remember the WEB? It’s where people used to hang before facebook).. Anyway, I’m always impressd by how close this Read On..

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Videotron… why do you hate your customers too?

A deal is a deal right? Not if you’re Videotron. Videotron is the local cable/isp/telephone conglomerate here in Quebec. After getting incredibly useless customer and technical service from their main rival Bell, I made the switch to Videotron a couple of years ago. I spend a great deal of time Read On..

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Thoughts while easing back online

Taking a break from an online presence is an interesting experience. Pretty much since Podcasters Across Borders, I’ve been taking up very little space in the whatever-o-sphere. My blog posts stopped, podcasting output pretty much nil, and I was completely off sites like Twitter and facebook, barely even answering email Read On..

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