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They lied!

Nice. That video I posted about earlier turns out to be a hoax. For duping myself and others, I hearby sentence the video guys to appear on the following Japanese game show : Claude – T’est pu mon hero, garde tes mains sales… (Translation: Claude- You’re a dick)

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Bob in a Bubble

See my face in the bubble? How long will it take for this to catch on? Record your own video bubble at BubbleGuru , put it on your site, and link back in the comments. I tell ya this could replace Twitter or Second Life!

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Big Brother is watching you

But who is big brother? It’s you & me smiley. Here’s the latest example… Two friends are walking down a Montreal street when one of them spots an asshole emptying his car’s ashtray on the sidewalk. Not even realizing his friend is recording the whole thing on video, he goes Read On..

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Montreal Podcast Meet-up: April 26

There will be a Montreal podcaster meet-up at 7:30pm on April 26th at La Quincaillerie (980 Rachel Est, corner Boyer). If you’ve ever been to a YULblog meet-up, you know where it is.. Bring your gear, your willingness to meet people, and your energy! Thanks to Sylvain Grand’Maison for helping Read On..

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