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How NOT to sell your product

Things like this annoy me to no end – CoachCanada is running a special on it’s bus fares. “Plus taxes” does NOT translate into “impots positifs” in french. Seems somebody used an automated word for word translator, and picked the first result. There are several million people in Canada who Read On..

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I was just doing some work on Podcasters Across Borders (registrations, website, etc..) and I had a “holy crap” moment. One of the things we do is have a list (down the right hand side of the page) of the podcasts that will be represented at PAB. I look at Read On..

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Montreal meetup recap

A nice time last night at the Montreal meetup, Mark Blevis, Arthur Masters (& Michelle) made the trek from Ottawa to come hang out, and I saw some old friends like Sylvain Grand’Maison, Krash & Betty (who’ve started podcasting again) .. Even Julien Smith made a brief and under-lit appearance Read On..

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Montreal Podcasters – tonight!

Did I mention there’s a Montreal podcaster meet-up at 7:30pm TONIGHT at La Quincaillerie (980 Rachel Est, corner Boyer). ? I’m sure I did.. See you there..

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Podcasts changing the world of radio

I was interviewed yesterday by Shannon Proudfoot of Canwest news for an article on podcasting she was writing. Today, the Vancouver Sun ran the article.. I’m not sure if any other Canwest papers ran it.. They mention the new CBC offerings, as well as a nod to Podcasters Across Borders. Read On..

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Losing the blogging habit

After a week of traveling with limited internet access, I lost the blogging habit. Did I read interesting stuff? Sure, lots of it. Do I remember it now? Nope. Then what am I doing? Just getting the first post back out of the way, so I can move on to Read On..

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The Mac experience

Jay Moonah explains why he isn’t getting a mac. Good for him, be your own mind and make your own decisions. I’d still greatly respect Jay if he told me he was getting a Commodore-64. It seems that no one can make a compelling argument to sway Jay, and while Read On..

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The right way to do beta

Last night, I wanted to fire up Joost and browse some videos. I got a network connection error, tried again and it still didn’t work. My happiness wasn’t hanging on the ability to use Joost last night, so I moved on thinking I would try again later. I didn’t report Read On..

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The Promised land

Chris Brogan calls it The Great Jaiku Migration of April 10.. Twitter might call it something less polite. Twitter, the great “You need to know I’m doing my dishes” site, is floundering because of it’s popularity. It seems be unable to keep up with demand, and as a result, has Read On..

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Blogger code of conduct

I’ll let you read Tim O’Reilly’s code of conduct for yourself. While I understand the desire to create something like this, especially in light of what happened to Kathy Sierra, it doesn’t address the real problem. The code sure wouldn’t have prevented what happened. It also scares me the amount Read On..

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