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Simon’s first photo of Papa

My son the photographer! Look at the use of lighting, framing, perspective all beautifully blended together to capture the essence of his old man learning the trade of bowling-pin jocky..

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PAB2007 – the doors are open

We’ve just opened the registration for the Podcasters Across Borders conference to be held in Kingston, Ontario in June. It’s real now, woo! Check out the details here

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Oh how close we came

Someone asked about this story at Podcamp Toronto… so here it is.. It was early spring 2005. Podcasting was still but a blip on the new media radar. We (Cat and I) were one of the first “couple-casts” out of Canada, having started in December 2004. We received an email Read On..

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Wrapping up year 37

today is the last day of my 37th year. We are supposed to get wiser as we get older. Let me prove that wrong by giving you the first 5 thoughts off the top of my head on this spring day..: No matter what the technology, it’s all about people. Read On..

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15 Mac OS Apps that have made me a happy switcher

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s only been about a month since I switched to the Macbook Pro. It’s following me pretty much everywhere, and surprisingly has replaced my PDA just as much as my desktop PC. I still use a Thinkpad for work of course, but for Read On..

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Your podcast is a Hug

What? It’s simple, no? I’ll say it again: Your podcast is a Hug. Follow me on this.. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the story of this video by Juan Mann: Juan, aside from generating an emotional response that actually brings a tear to my eye, has Read On..

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Podcasters Across Borders 2007 sessions announced!

Wahoo! Check it out over here.

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