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Geek Dinner Montreal announced

Mitch Joel has taken advantage of Shel Holtz‘s visit to Montreal to launch Geek Dinner Montreal. I’ve heard of these events (mostly from Mitch, actually.. Hmmm) and they seem like a great time. Important people like podcasters, bloggers & world changers get together for food & drink and to plan Read On..

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A day off!

Yep – today’s a day off, but before I go off and accomplish my important tasks (so far the plans involve a foam-sword swordfight, playing with the train set & tobogganing.) Here are a few items of note: If you’re around Montreal on wednesday, Febuary 21st. Shel Israel (co-author of Read On..

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We were recording Bob and AJ 79 tonight, and I had the macbook on the desk with flickrbooth installed. As soon as we clicked, the picture was on flickr. So cooL!

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Being Sucked in

Yep, the Apple upsell is in full force over here.. I went mouse shopping with really simple criteria : Bluetooth and more than one button. I cam back with the Mighty Mouse. Which I initially didn’t want because it “seemed strange”.. two minutes after starting to use it, my other Read On..

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101 people who are screwing up Canada

Ooo! A Canadian internet-bloggy-thingy, we’re SO damn clever! First Tetes-a-Claques, now this! Seems like everything these days is a list… Here’s another.. It’s done anonymously, I guess this guy doesn’t want 101 people chasing him down.. He’s putting one up every few days, and I must say it’s hard to Read On..

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Web 2.0 explained.

Thanks to Chris Brogan for sharing this, use this when someone asks you what Web 2.0 is.

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Here we go..

This is the first blog entry I do with my new Macbook Pro. The transition has started. I think the hardest part will be getting used to the trackpad. I’ve always been a big fan of the trackpoints on Thinkpads , and I keep reaching for it. Not too much Read On..

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Hi. My name is Bob, and I’m lonely

At least that what Michael Keren would have you think in his book. Mitch Joel saw this article in the Montreal Gazette, which I must have missed because of my crippling loneliness. Read Mitch’s take, it’s worth it.. Julien points out that this guy has no blog.. Which obviously makes Read On..

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