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Trick or Treat

Our great creations These are the 2006 pumpkins. Yep the Halloween pictures are up. No, I don’t have my own pro flickr account, just a basic one. So for the important stuff we use Cat‘s flickr…

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Libsyn sold!

Yep – Libsyn has been sold, No, not to me – to Wizzard Software. No terms were disclosed, but I assume we’ll find out eventually.. Seems like an interesting match, Wizzard does text-to-speech and speech recognition, Libsyn hosts more podcasts than you can shake a stick at. Automatic transcripts for Read On..

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3 year olds and user interface design

So I’m working here in my home office, and I had to transfer a big file from a client site to my local machine. While it’s downloading, our 3 year old Simon walks in, sees the FTP progress bar on my screen and says : Wait Papa – it’s doing Read On..

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As you may know, through mostlytunes I’m a member of AMP (Association of Music Podcasting).. This week, I host the AMP new music weekly #45, and I’ve put the show up as a mostlytunes episode as well. Check it out, there’s some great music that you (and I) hadn’t heard Read On..

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It’s true. I’m no longer pure. Last night Sage Tyrtle had Mark Blevis,Bruce Murray and myself on Quirky Nomad’s Quirky Quiz. It was just about the most fun I’ve had on Skype in ages. If you’re not familiar with the format, listen to a few to get an idea for Read On..

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Powered by Passion

Check out the comments on my “Is it really all about money” post. Andrea from Just one more Book has come up with a wonderful idea.. If clicking on that link is too much right now, here’s the nugget in her comment: “..if we were to come up with a Read On..

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iPod firmware flaw

AHA! I knew it wasn’t just me.. I’ve been following the threads on the Apple discussion boards, and people are having problems with podcasts and mono files. I discovered the problem went away when the EQ is turned off… Here’s a document from Apple validating my findings. They don’t mention Read On..

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Back to the future?

Let’s mark Google’s purchase of YouTube by enjoying a clip from Tom Wilson, funny stand-up who played Biff in the Back to the Future movies. Too many repetitive questions? Write a tune!

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Is it really all about money?

Feeling a bit reflective on this sunny friday before the long weekend….. I’m looking through podcast-related news items, conference session topics.. and more and more the articles are about advertising/corporate/marketing/money/$$…. etc.. Is money really taking center stage, or am I reading the wrong sites? Maybe I’m naive, but when a Read On..

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Conferences, UNconferences and many hours in the car

I’ve signed up for PodCamp Boston 2. The wonderful experience this year and the great people behind it make it a must-attend event for me. I’ve also signed up to attend PodCamp Toronto in February. Great people behind this one too.. Then there’s Podcasters Across Borders / PodCamp Canada in Read On..

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