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R/C plane acrobatics

I’ve always wanted to, but have yet to fly a remote controlled airplane.. Yet, if I ever do, there’s a big chance I wouldn’t be as good as this guy …

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When I hung around arcades, the song Urgent from the band Foreigner was huge, as was the game Asteroids and for some reason, the sound of either will make me think of the other. I just played the game, and now I want to hear Foreigner-4 again… Hmm..

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holy crap it’s working!

Not 1 spam message since I put those plugins. Not 1! If you’re running a wordpress blog RUN, RUN to these sites get get these plugins! Very, very cool!

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So we’ve been getting hammered the last few days with comment spam. So I installed two plugins: Bad-behavior : Spam Karma 2 : From what I read, these two together should give me a fighting chance. .. We’ll see..

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