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Ah! That’s better

I am complete once again. The new MP3 player is here. I ended up purchasing an Archos Gmini 220: Not a colour screen, so it’s not really useful for pictures, but that’s not why I got it. It’s a 20GB player, with built-in mic, and line-level mp3 encoding upto 320Kbps.. Read On..

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My portable MP3 player is dead 🙁 After five years of faithful service, my often self-repaired Archos 6000 is kaput. I could probably get it going again by buying a new laptop HD for it, but I think it’s time to move on. But to what??? I travel for work, Read On..

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another down

Yep, mostlytunes is now Blogger-free too.. Pretty easy transition, made all the more easier by the fact the the podcast RSS isn’t the same as the blog rss.. CatFish & Bob and AJ are setup in a similar way, though the site RSS includes the enclosures.. So that’ll make it Read On..

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That wasn’t so bad

Ok, so this is the easiest of the 4 blogs to transfer over.. Bob and AJ & Catfish will probably be more of a challenge since I customized the crap out of those templates.. Ah, but I sure won’t miss that ” 0% ” posting screen…

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1 down, 3 to go..

So here I am using wordpress (finally!).. I am really liking this. Now to update the RSS feeds… Hmmm…

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