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Poof! There goes the bandwidth!

Yep.. After just about a month, we’ve blown our bandwidth. Not neccesarily a bad thing, after all, we were on a small package, so I’m not complaining. As of the wee hours of this morning, we’re on a bigger package with more goodies (you know, unimportant stuff like space & Read On..

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Great podcast production tips

Jim from Whole Wheat Radio has been streaming internet radio since the late 1950’s. He also produces podcasts (which he calls Audio Magazines). One of these magazines is a series of podcasting tips, which are entertaining and informative. He’s up to number 8 in the series, and in tip 8, Read On..

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Stuff Happens

I would start this by warning you not to drink when editing/posting your podcast.. Thing is, I haven’t had a drink today.. Here’s what happened.. AJ was away, so I edited the show together, uploaded, and I was done.. Or so I thought.. I actually uploaded the wrong version of Read On..

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And so it begins…

I can’t say I’m surprised, though I admit I am disappointed… It’s happened, american politics are invading podcasting.. In this corner, ipodio’s Thomas Gaume complains of a lack of AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE podcasts, and that anyone who posts something disagreeing with the US government or it’s policies is anti-american. He goes Read On..

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Perhaps some will want to know this..

After seeing this page, Colin in the UK asked me more details about our recording techniques, I’d thought I’d include a summary of my response here… Audacity (almost any audio editing software, actually ) has a steep learning curve at the beginning.. At first, I simply went for “Ok, how Read On..

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Be afraid Mr. Bill, Be very afraid….

From our show-site: Mozilla, IE then Safari… Hmmmm…

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Production stuff

There have been comments on the production quality of the show, and while it’s not quite where I want it to be yet, thanks for the encouragement!! Some have asked what the setup is, so I’d love to tell you all about my PowerBook, and the fact that everything is Read On..

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What am I missing here?

One of the things buzzing around the podsphere seems to be OPML (outline processing markup language). I’ve seen Adam’s show notes that he produces, and a few others are starting to do it too… The thing is… I don’t get it. Sure, it seems kinda neat, for outlining.. But I Read On..

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It’s not all about the show , you know

OK, maybe it is..

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