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The last PAB-Post

The PAB2012 family picture It’s done. PAB2012 was this past June, and it was the final instalment in the adventure that began 7 years ago. It’s a rare privilege to be able to decide when a long term project ends. There are plenty of examples of projects that were cut short by external forces, Read On..

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A tale of two unexpected attendees

It’s story time kiddies, this time around, a tale of two people who found out late about PAB2011, and wanted to show up to meet friends and participate …. Story 1, the Boring One, the Right Way : Mr Classy. Mr. Classy realizes that he’s in Ottawa at the same Read On..

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PAB2011 afterglow

Wow!  that weekend went by in a heartbeat – literally. We’ve just closed out our 6th PAB, and while every one of them was great, this year’s really found a way to bring something different to the table. The theme was “Your story deserves to be told. Well.” And to Read On..

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PAB2011 – #6, if you’re counting

Hey!  Quiet around here recently, eh? Guess I’m breaking the “blogging rule” of not keeping to a schedule. F*** schedules, I speak when I’ve something to say 🙂 The room, by Bob Goyetche.   In just about 10 days, we’ll be holding the 6th edition of PAB, originally a podcasting Read On..

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PAB2011 – Here we go!

I’ve cross-posted most of this from Woo!! The new site is live, registrations are opened, and Mark and Bob are feverishly working at putting the sessions list together. It took a bit longer than expected, something about some (way too frequent) political event happening in Canada, and the fact Read On..

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