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Podcasting lite

One of the things I always disliked about (audio) podcasting was having to link each episode to a blog post. I understood that podcasting grew out of blogging to a certain extent, but it bugged me to have to create blog posts, and make show notes or whatever. Video, somehow Read On..

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The Canadian National Day of Podcasting

…or something to that effect. We wanted to do something special for the 6th (!) anniversary of the Canadian Podcast Buffet, and Mark came up with this great idea around the same time, so we put them together to get “The Canadian National Day of Podcasting”. What is it? Well, Read On..


Download all your podcasts from Libsyn

Recently, I realized I lost my locally kept copy of all the Canadian Podcast buffet episodes. Not a huge deal, since they’re all up on Libsyn, but still, I feel more comfortable having a local copy. I’m like that. So I connected via FTP to Libsyn, and prepared to download Read On..

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New Canadian Podcasts

After taking the summer off from podcasting. I just spent some time adding all the new (almost 40!) listings to the directory. To be honest, sometimes it’s a chore, but when I see the amount of new shows coming from this country, I’m motivated all over again. Did you Read On..

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