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Download all your podcasts from Libsyn

Recently, I realized I lost my locally kept copy of all the Canadian Podcast buffet episodes. Not a huge deal, since they’re all up on Libsyn, but still, I feel more comfortable having a local copy. I’m like that. So I connected via FTP to Libsyn, and prepared to download Read On..

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Playing with iOS development

There’s a screen shot of my first iPad (and I imagine iPhone/iPod) application. It’s obvious how well optimized this application is, and I’m proud to say it hasn’t crashed once 🙂 So I’ve signed up for Apple’s iOS developer program. $99 to get into the program, obtain the tools, and Read On..

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Combine PDFs

I like free. I especially like free when it solves a problem I have. I needed to scan a manual I have, and the only thing the software I had would produce that was useful was a series of JPG images, one for each page. I was sure I wasn’t Read On..

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