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Fun with cheap video cameras

If you’ve known/read/listened to me for any amount of time, you’ll know that video has never really been a draw for me. I’m primarily an audio guy, and in recent years have added photography to my creative pursuits. Video though, never really captured my attention. I mean, I like a Read On..

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It’s not about you

(warning, this is a CC-Chapman-esque rant, if you think I’m writing about you, read on) Do you know the Carly Simon song “You’re so vain“?  (written about David Geffen, features Mick Jagger on backing vocals, and really annoying 70’s era strings).  The key lyric to this song (hammered home in Read On..


Hi, I’m Bob, or VE2PDT to you :)

” … a satisfactory hobby must be in large degree useless, inefficient, laborious, or irrelevant.” – Aldo Leopold I’ve always loved and been drawn to radio. I remember being quite young when my dad showed me how at night you could hear AM stations from far away places. There was Read On..


10 years already!

Ten years ago today, on a super-hot day in a small town in Vermont, Cat and I were married in front of friends and family. Among so many other things,  Cat is my confidant, my unwavering supporter, my self-confidence when mine fails, and most of all my best friend. Without Read On..

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A tale of two unexpected attendees

It’s story time kiddies, this time around, a tale of two people who found out late about PAB2011, and wanted to show up to meet friends and participate …. Story 1, the Boring One, the Right Way : Mr Classy. Mr. Classy realizes that he’s in Ottawa at the same Read On..

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PAB2011 afterglow

Wow!  that weekend went by in a heartbeat – literally. We’ve just closed out our 6th PAB, and while every one of them was great, this year’s really found a way to bring something different to the table. The theme was “Your story deserves to be told. Well.” And to Read On..

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PAB2011 – #6, if you’re counting

Hey!  Quiet around here recently, eh? Guess I’m breaking the “blogging rule” of not keeping to a schedule. F*** schedules, I speak when I’ve something to say 🙂 The room, by Bob Goyetche.   In just about 10 days, we’ll be holding the 6th edition of PAB, originally a podcasting Read On..

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Chicago did it! You can too!

  The crowd, originally uploaded by heresmare. The image above is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while. Sure, it’s no juggling cat, but it still put a HUGE smile on my face. CreatorCamp Chicago was held this past weekend, and though I couldn’t be there, I’m so Read On..

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Head-slapping pig posts

In November 2006 I blogged about a then new internet video show based here in Quebec. It was new, fun and somewhat innovative for its time, and I was happy to tell my readers about it. Fast forward to today, almost 5 years later, and the name of that show Read On..


Don’t tell me what to do

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a frighteningly high number of blogs out there have a single purpose. They tell you what to do. I don’t mind the occasional “How To” post, that can be helpful. So many blogs though, think they need to tell you how to live/love/work/laugh/drink Read On..

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