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Move over Moose

Hey Bob, I’m tired of seeing that moose when I go to your home page Ok, I’ve moved it down. Enjoy this picture until the urge to blog returns.  

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See you in Vancouver!!

Yup. I’ll be joining forces with my old friend Mark as we co-keynote at Northern Voice 2013! (Isn’t that the cutest social-media-conference-canadian-animal-mascot ever?) I’ve been wanting to go to Northern Voice ever since I heard of it. People who’ve attended both tell me the NV and PAB vibes are very Read On..

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Podcasting lite

One of the things I always disliked about (audio) podcasting was having to link each episode to a blog post. I understood that podcasting grew out of blogging to a certain extent, but it bugged me to have to create blog posts, and make show notes or whatever. Video, somehow Read On..

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Best Episode Ever

  A cool thing happened recently, I was asked to join the cast of “Best Episode Ever” for this season. Other than a way for me to get back into podcasting, its also been a crap-load of fun to hang with Anthony Marco and Dave Brodbeck; 2 of the “good Read On..

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The last PAB-Post

The PAB2012 family picture It’s done. PAB2012 was this past June, and it was the final instalment in the adventure that began 7 years ago. It’s a rare privilege to be able to decide when a long term project ends. There are plenty of examples of projects that were cut short by external forces, Read On..

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Dead projects can haunt you

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, chances are you have some dead online projects. It could be an old blog, podcast, the website of your wedding x-years ago, whatever. You may have used a tool like WordPress or Joomla to create the site initially, nice themes, easy Read On..


The most-used app on my iPad

I’ve always looked at my iPad as more of a media consumption device than a creation tool. Sure in a pinch I’ll hammer out something in GarageBand or Ideas, but my creative pursuits still happen away from the iPad. So, really, it’s used as an ereader/email/reddit client, with its most Read On..

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Something useful from a comment thread

I know! I was surprised too! I was reading a comment thread about the new iBooks that (obviously) degenerated into the usual Pro/Anti Apple slop between haters and fanboys.. I left the discussion before they mentioned Hitler, but did catch a link to an (open) interesting project I hadn’t seen Read On..

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The ability to dislike

Somewhere, as social networking expanded online, the masses lost the ability to dislike stuff. I know, it’s because existing online is a wonderful kumbaya everyone loves everything everywhere kind of place, right?! It isn’t.  I can think of countless examples of sites, opinions, people I dislike. I’m sure you can Read On..


My three words

What a year. Went by in a blink didn’t it? I do hope it was good for you. I have no personal complaints about 2011, other than it did seem to go by faster than 2010 (which in turn went by faster than 2009, and so on…). I have a Read On..

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